Overview - Studio Interns Checklist Volume One


    Of course, the ritual will vary from one recording studio to the next, but the best way to determine anyone’s order of tasks is to keep in mind why the clients are even there in the first place (i.e., recording, mixing, or whatever stage they're at to make a product). 

   Rule number one means doing whatever it takes to create a productive and comfortable, working environment conducive to making the highest quality of recordings possible and making maximum use of everyone’s time.  

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James's Packing List: The LustKillers on Tour

    A lot of people love to ask me, “How was/is the tour [going]?”  To be honest, it’s an experience (especially a low-budget, book-it-yourself trip) that is indescribable by words, at once a nightmare & a dream come true, a challenging & rewarding adventure that can really only be understood by someone who has been on the road as a touring musician, but it’s a lifestyle that I wish everyone could savor at least once.

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Recording Preparation for Bands Part Three: THE LIST

Before going into this list, remember the basic rule of thumb is to be prepared and be comfortable. You might think that bringing protein bars to snack on sounds like an asinine waste of time, but let me assure you that I’ve turned more than one psychologically & musically disastrous session into hugs and kisses simply by lighting a few candles.

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Recording Preparation for Bands Part One: Rehearsal

   So you’ve got the shows, you’ve got the look, and everyone in the band has been dreaming of artwork & working on their autographs for that big, cd release party of yours.  It only makes sense to call the studio (or your bleary-eyed friend at the recording school) to get some time booked for that album.  You’re ready, right?

    Well, a simple answer is no, you’re not.  There is no way you can be completely ready for the challenging, unpredictable, very rewarding and very growth-filled experience that comes from making your very own slice of sonic history.

    This month, I have listed...

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A [Not-So] Modest Proposal for -14dBfs

Much has been written on the subject, but I thought I’d add to the litany of arguments one way or the other.

   Do you know where zero is on your A>D and D>A converters?  Do you know where it is on your analog gear, too?  If not, it’s time to find out, and this entry is to also strongly recommend you go for 0vu = -14dBfs on your converters (aka, “minus fourteen digital”).

   To start, a quick re-cap of the simplest, “how-to” on tweaking your DAW so that 0vu = -14dBs.  

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