"On a scale of 1 to 10 stars, I’d give James 100. He’s just an excellent engineer, collaborator, and human being. Since 2010, I’ve had the pleasure to work with him on many, many musical projects - everything from simple overdubs & voiceovers, to full rock bands on location, to large string & horn sections, and one particular huge session in NYC in which he confidently helmed the Studio A desk at Avatar (a job that required a great deal of research beforehand). What keeps me hiring him again & again is his total knowledge & professionalism; his great attitude; the indisputable quality of his mixes & recordings; his flexibility & willingness to help everyone involved in a session; and his phenomenal organizational skills. He’s one of the most organized audio engineers I’ve ever met, too… data management is kept clean & simple, as it should be. James Willetts is simply the best, most reliable, level-headed, and professional engineer, mixer, & co-producer one can hope to work with!"


 - Dave D’aranjo
Producer / Creative Director
Interrobang Records


 "James is an absolute dream to have working on your project. He's extremely dedicated to capturing your best performance possible. His attention-to-detail, musicality, and efficient work ethic make the recording experience a creative and smooth process."


 - Lynda DeFuria


 "Recording engineer James Willetts turns the complex and often arduous task of recording music into a trouble-free and dare I say pleasurable venture. Willetts’s extensive knowledge of analog and digital recording gear made for a no nonsense session that was spent recording, rather than troubleshooting.  Willetts is a professionally trained drummer and is also a multi-instrumentalist; so take advantage of his creativity and musical sensibilities. Don’t waste your time and money with amateurs; a session with Willetts is a session with Boston’s best." 

  - Matthew Plumb, Boston, MA



The James Willetts Experience 

  "Recording & mixing are more than just capturing sounds; it means providing an experience that the client will never forget, whether it's expanding your horizons as an artist, learning a new part of the process that makes your product better, or simply creating a pleasurable, working dynamic with everyone on the team to streamline your productivity & comfort level in the studio."

  - JW

"Super talented and super organized are two phrases I would use to describe James. Not only did he mix our whole last project he also wrote arranged and produced on it as well. He is a true professional and an asset to any artist or producer he works with."

 - Andrew Campbell
East Left Productions



"Working with James Willetts is like being kissed on the forehead by Leonardo DaVinci while watching the sun rise over the Egyptian pyramids."  

  - Chris Trombley
 Silent Century



“By the time I think of something that has to be done in the studio, James has already done it and is thinking of something I'll think of in five minutes.”

  - Symmetry


"James has always been a pleasure to work with; he is professional, responsive and has excellent people skills.  He has worked with our group to ensure a quality product while keeping budget in mind.  He works hard to engage our speakers and make them comfortable in the studio setting and with the recording process.  He definitely goes the extra mile to make sure the talent is comfortable so that we get the best audio program possible."

    - Elizabeth F. Melo, LCSW
   Social Work Staff Associate


"James Willetts is the standard to which I hold all other recording engineers. His years of experience, ever-expanding knowledge of his craft, and strict professionalism have made him more of an asset to our sessions than the biggest collection of gear ever could. His ear is incredible. His dedication to getting the results I want is unmatched. Working with another engineer is simply not an option for me."

Brandon Luciano
Artist Development & Music Production
 East Left Productions


 “James, your talent and engineering ability is phenomenal. You have made it so easy for me to LOVE being in the recording studio again. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable during our recording sessions and holding my vision in my songs, and as an artist.”

 - Renee Marcou


"James landed in Boston like an Atom bomb! He's one of the most creative drummers on the western hemisphere, with the power to turn a small project into something you dream about. His professionalism, knowledge base, and passion for every note makes James an invaluable asset to anyone who's lucky enough to work with him."

-Tom Durkin
 Silent Century


“As a recording artist and writer, I put a lot of emphasis on attention to detail, and I’ve found a kindred spirit in James Willets; his 'leave-no-stone-unturned' policy has ensured that my recording sessions run as smoothly as possible and that nothing falls by the wayside in the process. Thank you, James, for helping me to capture the best possible recordings, and for your never-faltering attention to detail!”

 - Oren Hartov
Recording Artist and Writer/Arranger
Berklee College of Music ‘11


 “Working with James Willetts was a great experience, not only is James extremely creative but he is also very patient in helping you achieve the vision you have in mind for your music. He always listens to suggestions and always explains how he is going to achieve what you asked for. Also, James is extremely good as an objective person to have in the studio to tell you if you need another take or if you have all you need.”

  - Gadi Caplan
Composer/Arranger/Recording Artist


“His focus is a freight train of productivity.”

 -  Bryan W.